The Logo Contest

First of all each partner school held a contest among their students and than they selected the best two logos by the participation of the students who take place in the project.

Web Pages, Etwinning, Facebook Group

A web page for the project was designed by Turkish Team. E-Twinning project page was created by Lithuanian Team. This is meant to disseminate the activities and their results and information about the progress of the project. It is also useful to communicate, to share opinions, to make decisions, to transfer information and knowledges about the topic and receive feedback from recipients, partners and educational authorities. The students themselves have the opportunity to explain in special section what their experiences, acquired knowledge and difficulties ecountered have been.

Erasmus+ Corner

In this corner there are all about our project; about schedule, activities, partner schools’ data and works. This is also used for disseminating the information about the activities performed during the project. It is also an opportunity for the students and teachers to work in a team, cooperate and make decisions.

First Questionnaire

A questionnaire that should assess the awareness of the students regarding basic sciences and the importance of them it both at local level and European one was created by the Portugal team.

Project team

we created the project team made up of teachers and students by each country. A Curriculum Vitae and a Letter of Intent was required from Teachers. There was taken into account some properties like a good command of English, ICT abilities, availability to work overtime and being accustomed to the topic of the project. As for students, an interview was done in English on the topic. An short questionnaire that is about project topic and english skill was done.