First Questionnaire

A questionnaire that should assess the awareness of the students regarding basic sciences and the importance of them it both at local level and European one was created by the Portugal team. It also raised their interest in the topic. It was applied to approxymately 50 people belonging to the target group in each school and the results were interpreted and given in a graphic form. There will be 3 questionnaires: an initial one (at the beginning of the project), a mid one (after the first year of the project) and a final one (at the end of the project).  We will be able to monitor the progress the students will have in time. The questionnaire will be also used as a follow up tool for those who are interested in it.

It's an initial questionnaire/survey on basic sciences for the whole school community in the five partner schools. It's a general warm-up questionnaire meant to show whether the sudents are somehow accustomed to the idea of basic sciences

Analitics of initial questionnaire



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