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Basic Sciences All Over Life

"What is teaching?" and "What is learning?" These questions can never be answered correctly. According to the meaning of education; They are the changes of behaviours in someone's life, but in a positive way. Maybe it is, but what are the expected behaviours from a student? For some of the teachers and parents it is usually to be a good student who has never problems at school, have good relationships with teachers, friends, and the other staff, and also get good marks from the exams. We -as the teachers who take place in this project- want to have different types of students who ask questions, interrogate the real life, take place in activities by heart and are aware of "Why they learn". To succeed about the topic, we wanted to see how other teachers from different countries, cultures and religious teach the best way.

By these toughts, we started out a new way and decided to write this project. As the partners, we have thought about different topics and activities, and how we can change our students' feelings to school. We have shared these activities between us according to our present conditions, needs and expectations. Each partner has a main duty in the project except for the common expectations:

Turkey; as the coordinator, will undertake the administrative, financial management, the coordination, management of project partners to meet the deadlines and requirements of each project stage, mediation between partners, maintain regular, effective communication with the representatives of each project partner organisation so as to ensure the relevance of the project activities to each local area and to keep the project moving to the agreed timetable. It will also be in charge with the coordination of dissemination activities and preparation of administrative and financial mid/final reports. Besides, Turkey will prepare the documents about the topic and the questionnaires, create a website and disseminate the relevant documents, photos.

Spain will focus on new methodologies based on emotional education and positive psychology. They will organize some tools and practical workshop about Emotional Education for teachers. The training activity in Italy aims to present the laboratory methodology of the Flipped Classroom, very useful in teaching/learning activities for the STEM disciplines. In Portugal LTT, the students will have the chance to work with robotics and other innovative technologies. They will provide having programming lessons, using Scratch program and also using flight programming. Hungary team will prepare activities to teach about the meaning of occupation. Students will learn if the school subjects affect on their future jobs and what the relation is between the basic sciences and jobs, by these activities. The training activities will bo done to find out the basic sciences' importance for digital training or geometric shapes in strategic training activities in Lithuania.

A large number of people are expected to be involved in the activities. We have to focus on especially students with fewer opportunities (either because they come from disfavoured backgrounds, belong to minority groups, have some type of disability, etc) skills which can improve with this project, will contribute to increase all these students (SEN/special educational needs/ and others) possibilities to enter the labour market after they finish school and improve their chances to succeed in life. This project can increase student’s motivation, as they will be deeply involved in the activities, and so we believe it will help prevent early school dropout.
The students' range of age is between 15 and 19 years old. Students will take part in the organizations of the activities and the project meetings. They will prepare, present short videos about their schools and education systems. They will find out old photos of their schools. They will assist their teachers to create a website of the project, e twinning management, create social media groups. Besides they will be responsible for the Erasmus+ Corners of their schools. They will make drawings for the Logo Contest.

The teachers are the organizers of all the LTT activities. They will do workshops, be responsible for preparing, applying, interpreting the surveys, will prepare adequate materials to ensure the effectiveness of the workshops. They will establish a list of criteria to choose the members of the team to participate in mobilities and LTT activities.

Parents of the students who involved in the project will give their support to the fulfillment of the activities during the project meetings. They will also support and encourage their children to carry out their tasks and responsibilities.

In order to achieve our goals, all the participants have to conceive a clear, comprehensive working plan and a methodology to carry out the project.


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