City Cultural Trip

We went to Triana by Metro. We left the school by metro and go to the famous neighbourhood of Triana, near the river Guadalquivir. We had Lunch at Triana Market.

There, we had something to eat at Triana Market, a place full of history and charm. After lunch, we visited TRIANA POTTERY MUSEUM, which is a landmark in the neighbourhood of Triana and it also has a great historical relevance in the city of Seville. We went for a lovely walk along the river having a beautiful view of the city of Seville and some of its most famous landmarks. We visited Flamenco museum.

we visited the beautiful PLAZA DE ESPAÑA, located in the most famous park in the city, MARÍA LUISA PARK. PLAZA DE ESPAÑA was built as the Spanish Pavilion in the Ibero-American Exhibition held in Seville in 1929 and it´s one of our most representative landmarks. we visited the nearby BARRIO de SANTA CRUZ, the old Jewish neighbourhood in Seville and the city centre


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