Turkey - Torbalı Türk Telekom Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Our school is located in Torbalı where is an industrial district. There are 595 students in our school that is founded in 2006. There are about 20-25 students in each class. The school has 3 departments that is Information Technologies, Accounting and Finance, Office Management. Students are. We have 5 mentally disabled students studying in the field of information technology. These students are given special education and field education together. Our school has a Headmistress, 2 assistant principals and 33 teachers who are experienced in their branches. Our school has 3 computer laboratories, 1 physics chemistry biology laboratories, an art class, a library, a multipurpose hall, a football, volleyball and basketball field. Each class has a smart board and internet access at 250 Mbps. Extracurricular activities also have an important place in our school. Working in the clubs such as the internet, robotics, theater, dance and social assistance continue out of the school time and at the weekends. Our school has an “art corridor” which is a good exemplary project for the other schools in Turkey. Thanks to this project that; students are freed from boring school corridors as the corridor is surrounded by examples of various branches of art such as dance, music, painting, theater, cinema and literature. Our school has disadvantaged students who are separated from parents, whose financial situation is inadequate, who have different problems, who have migrated from low-income cities, and who have to work after school. Various projects are being carried out to bring these students to education.


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