General Information:IES Atenea is a state, public secondary school located in Mairena del Aljarafe, Sevilla, Spain We teach Secondary School 12-16 years old, A-level 16-18 years old, (Bilingual Program-English) and VET: 1 Basis Level of disabled students (16-21 years old), 4 Intermediate Level 16-20 (Technician in Catering Services, Cookery and gastronomy, Bakery Patisserie and Confectionery and Electrical and automatic installations) as well as 3 Upper Level (Higher Technician in Catering Services and Kitchen Management, as well as Electrotechnical and Automated System). We are 760 students and 90 teachers all together at IES Atenea school.
We have a diverse and mixed student profile. Aged from 12 up to +20 years old. they have varied problems and needs, and sometimes is not so easy to teach them. We realize that we have some of students that drop out their studies before finishing them. We think that learning languages, meeting different cultures and people are basic values to personal development. We are interested in consolidating new methodologies to motivate our students to learn and develop a professional life.First, our students need to be motivate for learning. Most of the youngest have attention problems (especially in a world with so many stimulus around), and attention is basic to learn.
On the other hand, instruction must take into account the fact that human beings observe and analyse reality using their senses. We can try to train our students how to motivate them performing some of these tools and skills, and these actions will benefit all those teachers involved. We would like to go further join in this project as well as meeting a group of teachers from differents countries to research and share our knowledges and good practices in order to better motivate our students to learn.


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