Hungary - Miskolci Szakkepzesi Centrum Mezokovesdi Szent Laszlo Gimnaziuma, Kozgazdasagi Szakgimnaziuma és Kollégiuma

Our school is located in the north-eastern part of Hungary. As it is situated in a rural area of our country, a lotof students might have only any international experience in connection with previous Comenius, Erasmus projects and other projects(Without Borders Projectsmaintained by Hungarian Government) at all. As our town is surrounded by small towns and villages, 40% of our students are commuters. SzentLászló Secondary School is both a grammar and vocational school with 650 students. As a Grammar School we have three kind of class: • general class starts with grade 9 and finishes with year 12 (A-levels). • a special grammar school class is a language preparatory class where the emphasis is put on foreign languages (English, Germanand Spanish) and ICT as well. This special form of secondary education lasts 5 years( from grade 9 to grade 13(A levels) • six-grade secondary class lasts 6 years (from grade 7 to grade 12) The secondary vocational school section focuses on two parts: • Business study and law enforcement which starting with grade 9 andending with year 12. Students take final examination at the end of the fourth year • Then they can choose among VET to obtainqualification. We offer several opportunities: logistics manager, finance and accounting officer, business administrator. As a smaller school we can give a lot of attention to our students. We give attention SEN students to integrate them in mainstream and provide help students with fewer opportunities. Besides the normal curriculum, we offer extracurricular activities,such as sports. In addition, cultural events play a significant role in our education. We believe that it is important for our students to broaden their mind to Europe. Learning and understanding more about different cultures are essential to enhance lifelong learning as well as to become a well-educated citizen with transferable knowledge and skills of the EU. Our teaching staff is well-trained, enthusiastic, team player, engaged. They are interested in participating in partnership buildingactivities.


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